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Rules & Etiquette
Barceló Bávaro Golf

  • The use of shared golf cart is mandatory.
  • The golf cart is for a maximum of two (2) passengers.
  • Golf carts must remain on the cart path or 25 yards away when on the green.
  • Cart path only on par three's.
  • The Ranger is the authority in the golf course.
  • Maintain pace of play, Ranger may ask at any time to speed up or slow down.
  • Damages caused to the golf cart will be responsibility of the occupants and will be held responsible expenses.
  • Damages or lost of rental clubs will be responsible of the user and it will be held responsible for the expenses.
  • You need to have one bag of golf with clubs per player
  • Fill divots with sand from tees and fairways.
  • Rake bunkers after your shot.
  • Repair to the original state ball marks or any imperfections on the green,
  • Do not cause unnecessary damages to any area on the golf course



Fail to follow any of the above rules may result of being expelled from the golf course without a refund.

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