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PB's Quotes

"By the time I was six, I was working with my Dad in his golf construction business,"
PB Dye

"Exposure is the best teacher in the world and I could live from experiences – either someone else's or my own"
Pete Dye

"I love the game of golf, and I do as much as I can to enhance it because of that love, "
PB Dye

"I grew up on high-caliber golf courses and watched my father build great layouts. And that's what I want to designing great layouts like Barcelo Golf de Bavaro golf Course"
PB Dye

"Fortunately for me, the work I do requires so much personal attention that it allows me to build only a few courses at a time. It also permits me to be very selective; the primary concern with the clients I work for is the game of golf itself."
PB Dye

"P. B. is one of the most talented designers I know, I'm not just saying that because I'd his Dad, either. I've heard a number of professionals in the design field say the same thing. His creative instincts are superior to mine than when I first began my career, and he'll probably have more than I do when I retire."
Peter Dye

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